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All you need to know about YouTube Bumper Ads

You know that we usually keep you in touch with the latest Facebook Ads tips & tricks, but today we will tell you about YouTube Bumper Ads.

One of the latest predictions regarding the video content usage tells us that, until 2021, 80% of the internet traffic will be in the video format, so if you haven’t been thinking about this thing yet, maybe you should consider a marketing strategy including video content.

What are YouTube Bumper Ads?

Long story short, bumper ads are videos of the YouTube commercial formats, that last for only 6 seconds and are usually used by businesses for increasing brand awareness and to reach as many people as possible. These ads are not skippable, fact that makes them ideal for transmitting short and powerful messages, which will promise a very good place in user’s mind. The fact that they last for only 6 seconds is a provocative factor for the marketing people that have to create catchy videos, with a great impact on the audience.

How do you create a bumper ad?

Bumpers Ads are built through Google Ads platform and the payment method is CPM – Cost per 1000 Impressions.

To start setting up the campaign, you should have a Google Ads account. Once you are logged in the platform, you should press the “+” and select “New Campaign”.

Right after, a new window will show up to you, and you will choose Brand Awareness and Reach as the objective and Video as the campaign type.

At the next step, select Standard awareness – Drive reach, impressions, and views.

In the window that will show up, you will have the possibility to set more things, like: campaign name, budget, campaign period, auction type, target audiences and ad display targets.

At the auction type, you must choose CPM, this being the only model that makes the bumper format available.

In the setup stage of the ad, you can easily look for the ad’s name or you can add its URL. The Video that will be delivered as a bumper ad will have to be previously uploaded on YouTube.

After, in the left side, you will find ad settings, and in the right side, you will have a preview of it.

If video length is under 6 seconds, the bumper format will be automated selected.

Underneath, you must add the Landing Page URL and the URL that will be shown in the ad.

After this, you have to set the banner that will join the ad, on desktop.

You can opt for an autogenerated one or you can upload another one especially made with this purpose.

The last step is naming the ad and saving the campaign. This will be in an approval period that could last for a few days, so if you have a deadline for launching a campaign, the best would be to set it up with some days before, to wait for it to be approved and, after this, you can pause it until the moment it should start.

How efficient are bumper ads?

In a study realized in 2017 that was analyzing the performance of these campaigns, resulted the fact that in 70% of the instances, bumper ads had generated a significant growth of brand awareness and 9/10 ads raised the possibility that users will remember the brand with an average of 30%.

So, if you did not know about bumper ads or if you thought that they don’t have a place in your marketing strategy, we think that they deserve a shot!

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