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Complete Guidance – How to create Facebook Collection Ads

One year ago, Facebook was launching a new ad format, called Collection, only for mobile devices. In all this time, Collection ads had gained more and more popularity because of the fact that it generated a high engagement rate with its audiences, this format having an impressive grade of personalization. Through the objectives that this campaign can be used for, we remember: brand awareness, collecting leads and growing the number of sales.

Generally, in eCommerce, a collection ad is made from a video or an image and, under them, are going to be listed some products.

When users click on the ad, a full screen version of its is opened, and there can be shared more details, like products name, their price, existing discounts and so on.

How do you create a Collection Ad?

The first step in creating a Collection Ad is choosing the campaign objective. Right after, you go through the usual steps in setting up budgets, the campaign period, target audience and optimization type.

At the ad level appear the new things. For creating a collection ad, you have to choose the Collection format.

When the user will interact with the ad, on a mobile device, the Instant Experience format will be opened. Setting it up is the next step. Facebook offers some templates that you can use, but you have also the possibility to create your own template.

Considering our experience with this format, the best results were generated by the Storyfront template, but the best way to make things work is to try all the available templates to discover which one fits your business the best.

If you want to create a custom Instant Experience, you have to press the Build a custom Instant Experience button, which will open for you the next window:

In builder, you can add different components, you can preview the ad, you can share a preview link and you can save and finalize it.

Add Component allows you to add the following components:

Editing components is pretty detailed, as to offer you as many things as you need. It is like you have a little Photoshop on Facebook, so, if you have in your mind something like an image of how you would like your collection to look like, it deserves to test the different personalization options available on the platform.

As we’ve mentioned above, we mostly use the Storefront template. For you to test it, you have to press the Use Template button and a new window will be opened, containing the editing options in the left side and with the preview in the right side.

Here, the template is somehow divided in 3 areas of editing: header, product presentation area and the Call-To-Action button.

The first thing that you can choose is if you want to have the logo or the business name in the header.

After this thing, you have the possibility to add tabs, a kind of categories/sections of the ads that allow users to directly choose the product category he or she is interested in.

In the presenting products area, Facebook asks you to choose the catalog/feed from which you will choose your products.

You have two options:

  • Dynamically showing products
  • Specifically selecting some products that you want to be shown

For example, in the case that you have some new products and you want to promote only them, you will need to select those specific products.

All you have to do is to start writing the product name and a list will be opened for you, from which you will be able to select the respectively product.

In header you have the possibility to choose between 3 options:

  • An image
  • A video that you will have to upload into the platform
  • A video dynamically created with the products in the feed – this option is not available when you specifically select some products from the data feed

Underneath, you can create different sections in your collection and Facebook will help you with some recommendations. You will be able to introduce even a Discount section, if you have a Discount Campaign active on your website.

The last part is about editing the Call-To-Action button. Here, you must introduce the text that you want to show on the button and the URL for your landing page.

After you’ve finished with all the settings, press Done and that’s it, your Instant Experience is ready.

All you have to do next is to add the ad description, the headline and the order in which you want the products in the preview to be shown and to Publish your ad.

If you haven’t tested Collection Ads until now for your online shop, now you have no excuse anymore 🙂 Get to work and, if you think all these settings are too complicated, we can always help you.

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