INSTA HACKS – How to avoid Instagram scams

As this social platform grows constantly, more and more scams are made to trick the users into obtaining money or personal information that will later be used with different purposes. For such actions, scammers use all sort of messages.

The messages are made to seem as real as possible, from simple lines of Congrats! for the great and creative feed, personal compliments or encouragement on keeping up the great work. The simple chat can escalate to fake love stories, that start with simple words where the charming scammers pretend to be single, divorced, widowed or in pain, so that after a certain period of time they’d ask for money to buy flights or obtain visas to travel and visit the fooled ones. Once the money is transferred, the scammers will disappear.

Another often use hack is false lottery, where an account is pretending to be someone well know – a celebrity, sportsman or activist or even NGO. The messages will seem as real as possible, made to convince the users to sign up for the lottery and even to be informed they won a fabulous prize! To get the prize, they will be requested to provide sensitive personal data such as – full name, identification, physical mail address, credit card details etc and to pay a small amount of money to cover the taxes for the prize transfer. Once again, after collecting the money and personal data, scammers will be gone.

A recent practice consists in online security warning messages or copyright claims, message containing a link often cloned or ending in a weird extension. Once the user enters this link, the account will be hacked and/or blocked and to recover it, the user will have to pay high amounts of money.

Besides, there can be many other options: phishing schemes, monthly paid subscriptions services that have been hacked and data stolen and additional payments will be requested, credit card fraud, fake promises of dream jobs or consistent investments.

The most targeted peoples for such scams are usually influencers or micro-influencers, with relevant communities, high as number of followers, with paid partnerships and who can suffer significant loses by loosing their accounts. But the scams are not limited to this category. Simple people personal accounts can be targeted as well, who might look vulnerable. And also, big international company accounts, such as cosmetic/beauty account have been hacked and fraud was committed, which lead to closing the account/accounts and damaging other connected accounts (partners, employees etc).

This is why it is highly important to be very careful, to never believe such fantasy stories, never to click a link before carefully analyzing all details, to verify all information and check the sender account, read all Privacy and Safety Center info and engage Instagram support.

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