November 13th – Black Friday

Black Friday is, for the online shops, on of the most important events, if not actually the most important one. It is the moment of the year when the online shops sell the most. And because we care about you, but also because we want you to be well prepared and to sell as much as possinle, we have put together a brief guide to help you get ready and also, at the end of this article, a bonus: a few predictions on Black Friday 2020.

Here is what you have to do so your online shop is ready for Black Friday:

  • Make sure you are all stocked! Confirm with your partners and providers that they are also prepared and pile it up!
  • Always post correct information about the available stocks on your website!
  • Get more customers by offering quick and free delivery/shipping! Be transparent about the shipping and return policy!
  • Make sure to have short reply time! Consider offering live chat support!
  • Send newsletters to inform ypur customers and subscribers about Black Friday offers! For a short period of time, you can consider giving access to the Black Friday offers only to your newsletter subscribers.
  • Use pop-ups and notifications to let your customers know about information such shipping details or to promote some categories!
  • Prepare the promotion materials for your Black Friday campaign for social media and for your website!
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly!
  • Make sure everything is ok regarding SEO!
  • Make sure your website can take a lot of traffic!
  • Back everything up, just so you are safe!
  • Optimize the products and their descriptions!
  • Make sure everything is good from the technical point of view: verify tracing codes and product feeds!
  • On Black Friday, remarketing/retargeting campaigns are on the spotlight – now is the moment to turn all the visitiors of your website into clients and the audience that interacted with your business on social media!
  • Use a dedicated landing page for the Black Friday offers!
  • Start a teaser campaign before Black Friday, to announce the event’s date and the available offers on Black Friday!
  • Start a lead generation campaign before Black Friday to advise people to subscribe, in order to be the first onest o get the info on the Black Friday Campaigns!
  • Collect insight for next year’s Black Friday!

Now that we listed the stepts to preparing for Black Friday if you own or work for an online shop, here are some predictions that say Black Friday 2020 will be extremly strange! It is, though, a great moment for the online shop to get orders, because everybody is avoiding offline shopping and crowds.

Another Black Friday 2020 prediction is that we will get more creative about using technolology. While AR becomes more and more present in the process of research and purchase, the QR codes are having a comeback.

Duet o the fact that offline traffic decreased and the online traffic is imcreasing, be ready for the websites to drop quite often. That is why you need to make sure your website can sustain more visits at the same time.

As we already know, Black Friday speads on more days and the good news is the offers will be better. For those preferring offline shopping, VR will prove to be your favorite these days.

As we mentioned it already, Black Friday 2020 will be rather strange, but if you have an online shop and plan to sell big, Champaings team is here for you, willing to help you get numerous orders!

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