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6 Facebook Ads reporting tools you must know about!

The main challenge of those having an online business or of the advertising agencies working with conversions: transforming most part of the visitors into purchasing customers. 

When you launch a campaign, it is recommended to give it some time to rule, so the learning process takes place and also to get results you can analyze and use later to draw future strategies. But even so, after a few days, you have to analyze the data and start optimizing the campaigns. 

The Facebook reporting tools shows what works for the client’s campaign and what doesn’t. This way, the one implementing the campaign will know to optimize it and also to great future strategies with better success. 

Ads campaigns must be continuously monitored – this is one on the main reasons why, if you have a brand and you wish to promote it and sell, you need a team of specialists to take care of it! 

Below, you have a list tools used by agencies to analyze and report Facebook Ads campaigns and then we tell you why we wanted to have our own report tool:

  1.   Whatagraph

This is a tool showing the Ads generated traffic, the used budget and the conversions. 

This tool sends automatic reports directly to the client’s inbox daily, weekly or monthly, as pre-set. 

The report has info about interactions, engagement, budget and ROI. Besides, it brings comparisons on how the campaign is performing now and how it did in the past, organic video views vs paid views etc. 

Whatagraph allows you to personalize the report according to the information you want to present to the client.  

  1.   Facebook Analytics 

It is a very powerful took because it gives insights from 2 billions users. Apart from the client’s campaigns data, it also includes important KPIs, demographic data and conversions that will help you optimize. 

The clients can also see the exact ROI of a campaign. You can automatize the reports and send them to clients at the date and hour set together with them. 

  1.   Quintly

This tool allows you to monitor, evaluate and and optimize the client’s performance on all social media channels. 

It send automatic reports to the clients or to your boss, to keep them updated on the campaigns’ performance. 

The tool also allows you to connect it to Facebook Insights to be able ti analyze the content and see what works and what doesn’t.  

  1.   AdEspresso



It is, probably, the simplest to use and the most direct reporting tool. The reports and very clear and easy to read and understand by the clients. 

It allows, just like other tools, to create personalized reports which show only the information you want to have. 

Besides the fact that it gives you the possibility to send automatic reports to the inbox of the clients, it is also a great tool to run Ads campaigns, because you can create them easily it does the A/B testing and you can, of course, optimize them. 

  1.   Simply Measured



This tool is excellent to follow social media activity. It can help you find interesting subjects, and also influencers. 

This tool evaluates the conversion rate, the leads and the acquisition. On top of this, it analyzes the content and the brand performance. 

6Champaigns Raport Facebook Tool 

Over the years, the Champaigns team tested this tools and has identified the positive aspects, as well as the negative ones. Almost every time, we sae there was important and relevant information missing from the generated report.


Because you can never have enough data, and because it is the key information, very vital to help you decrease costs and sell more though your Facebook Ads campaigns, we created our own Facebook Ads reporting tool. 

It is specially built for online shops and it analyzes the most important KPIs: Cost vs Revenue, CPA and orders number. Also, the tool automatically calculates the result of the most efficient campaigns in the time frame specified by the client, showing all details on the segments that have the best generated results. 

Find out most about it and test it here: https://www.champaigns.co.uk/

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How to use the Ads to grow an Instagram Influencers Campaign

When you make influencers campaigns on Instagram, one of the objectives is to be as visible as possible, not only for our brand’s audience, but also for their communities.

Today, we will talk about how to efficiently target the followers of the influencers we work with using Instagram Ads customer audience.

Why to do influencers campaigns on Instagram?

Instagram is a platform who gives better organic results than Facebook and where the campaigns can be more creative, giving its specifics.

Choosing the right influencers for your campaign, you can reach audiences that later on will became part of your brand’s fan base and also customers. Besides, influencers are creative and they can offer new perspectives about the promotion of your products.

Even though the implication of influencers in your campaigns can bring many good things, there is also a down side. Instagram does not really encourage the paid partnerships, in order to avoid annoying and overwhelming the users, therefore you will see this type of posts having about 50-70% lower reach than regular posts of the influencers.

A great strategy to get better results and maximize the collaboration with influencers is to have an Ads campaign targeting the loyal fan of the influencer, meaning those interaction the most with the account’s content.

This is how to use Instagram Ads to target the custom audience offered by the influencer you work with, for better results:

  1. Both you and the influencer must use Facebook Ads Manager
  2. Set up the desired custom audience specifications. The influencer will offer then the desired audience, taking the info from Facebook Ads Manager!
  3. Type of audiences you can ask the influencer for:
  • Who has sent at least one message in the last 30-365 days
  • Who saved a post of the influencer
  • Who visited the influencer’s profile at least once in the last 30-365 days
  • Who interacted with at least one post in the last 30-365 days
  1. You can combine two or more audiences to reach a larger public and increase the results
  2. Ask for access to the influencer’s custom audience
  3. Ask the influencer for the creatives used in the campaign for better communication unity (photo, video, text)
  4. Set up the Instagram Ads Campaign with a Reach objective if your audience has under 100l members, and is it is higher, then you can try objectives such as: traffic, conversions, lead generation, app install.
  5. If you want to extend your audience, you can use Lookalike Audiences – 1% similar audiences of the custom one that interacted with the influencer’s Instagram profile.

As a conclusion, targeting the influencer’s fans of a campaign through using custom audiences in an Instagram Ads campaign will maximize the partnership results and increase the brand’s community. Besides, you will get a better control of the campaign’s performance.

What do you think of this strategy? If you need us for such a campaign, you know how to reach us!


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